Another Exploration of Odoo 12 Modules (E-Commerce, Inventory, HRD, CRM, and Manufacturing).

Hey guys! In the previous article, I’ve written about installing a theme from Odoo app store website. If your Odoo 12 interface feels dull, you should immediately follow the installation steps from this article So let’s start to explore the modules!

E-Commerce Module

E-Commerce module simply can be used to manage sales online. Actually, E-Commerce isn’t as same as the other modules. On the other modules, we can see and use the module by accessing it in the app list, but E-Commerce module is kind of extensions for websites module. So, let’s start the exploration

E-Commerce Module Scenario Part 1
E-Commerce Module Scenario Part 2

In this module, I’ll show you a simple selling and buying scenario, which you guys can watch directly on my YouTube Channel. Cheers!

Inventory Module

Inventory is a module that has functions in managing inventory; stock management, delivery order management, order tracking, and other functions related to warehouse management. In daily inventory operations, various types of status must be known, such as receiving, picking, packing, shipping, shipping orders, and internal transfers.

The main business process is to manage all goods and assets owned by the company, including checking stocks of the goods and assets in every company’s warehouses. So, the delivery order and delivery slip will be attached after these processes are done.

HRD Module

HRD Module is a complete functionality of the HR Department’s needs in planning, budget management, and decision making. As the name implies, this module would help to manage all the company resources.

In this module, users (as an HRD) can arrange job vacancies, job applications, job boards, and track the list of applicants along with their resumes and cv. This process will generate several documents such as employee contacts, employee master data, and leave requests.

CRM Module

This module will help organize activities, track leads, and get all the information needed for smart decision-making. CRM in Odoo allows us to manage complete customer leads and opportunities. It includes an overview of the ongoing process, upcoming activities as well as previous month’s performance. Also, track all leads from multiple sources and turn them into opportunities.

Prospects can be captured from many sources — marketing campaigns, trade fairs and shows, external databases, etc. The most common challenge is to succeed in gathering all the data and tracking any major activity. Storing lead information in a central place like Odoo CRM will automate the lead generation process, share information with the team, and quickly analyze the sales process.

This module’s main business process is activating leads, converting leads into opportunities, turning them into customers, and merging with existing opportunities, so the quotations will generated after the process.

Manufacturing Module

The manufacturing process starts from raw materials, which are processed into various materials and then produced as finished products. One product may consist of multiple Bill of Materials which require efficient handling. Odoo Manufacturing ERP Software can handle complex Production flows, BOM, MO Planning, Work Order Tracing, etc. With Odoo’s Manufacturing module, users can easily create MOs and manage them in different production stages.

The main business process starts from, creating MO, MO Planning, start work order, finishing the work order, and so it will generate the manufacturing order document.

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