Odoo 12 Accounting Module Installation using Docker

Hey guys! In the previous article, I’ve written about how to install Odoo12 using Docker on macOs. So you guys can take a look at https://akbarrafs.medium.com/odoo-12-installation-using-docker-on-macos-9c876720605c if you guys want to know about it. I’ve also embedded the tutorial video in it.

What is Accounting?

Accounting is one of the crucial processes in a company or organization. Precise accounting is needed for the “smooth running” of the company and to reduce any financial losses. To “smooth out” the accounting process, the software can be made us of, if it is an ERP software (Odoo 12 Accounting Module), things get even better.

Account Module installation

The Steps

So basically, we need Odoo 12 installed in our system before we install the accounting module.

After that, we can now proceed with the installation by downloading the accounting module from Odoo Apps Store, or maybe you can directly download it from here.

Directly from my GDrive.

After that, we need to unzip the folder and move the contents inside om_account_accountan to our odoo-docker addons. I’m using command line to move the contents with this command:

$ mv -f om_account_accounting [your odoo-docker addons path]
Using Command Line

It’s kindly exhausting because you can also move those items into addons folder with Finder, but I can’t find the addons folder with my Finder. So it would be easier when u found the folder with Finder.

After that, we can now start the odoo server and go to the setting page. But don’t forget to login with your admin account.

Now you need to activate the developer mode on the right side.

Activate the developer mode

Update the Apps List shown on the navbar.

Update Apps List

Next, you can install the odoo12 accounting apps immediately.

Install Apps Immediately

After the installation, you can now open the Accounting Page from the apps icon on the top-left of your browser.

The Accounting Module

Voila, the Odoo12 Accounting Module is successfully installed and ready to used!

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