Odoo 12 External Theme Installation

Hey guys! In the previous article, I’ve written about the basics of 3 modules in Odoo 12 (Purchase, Sales, and Accounting). So before you start to install the theme, you will need to login with an admin account, also activate the developer mode. You can check the steps here! https://akbarrafs.medium.com/basic-simulation-of-purchase-sales-and-accounting-module-in-odoo-12-7a152b7c62c5. If you aren’t familiar with what I’ve said, don’t worry, be happy, you can watch the installation video here! I apologize profusely because it is still not available in English. After all, I’m still haven’t found the confidence yet.

In this article, maybe I won’t talk much about the installation because the steps have been completed in the video. Just to remind you guys, the website module should have been installed in your Odoo, before you start to add and install the theme. Cheers!

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Akbar Rafsanjhani

Akbar Rafsanjhani

Usualize the Unusualize

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