Pricelist Feature in Odoo Sales Module.

Hello guys! Welcome back to my Medium! In this article, I would like to share about using the pricelist feature in Odoo sales module. As usual, you can watch the complete steps in the video:

Basically, the pricelist is used to segment our customers. Pricelist would able to charge different prices for the same or similar product or service. For example, the B2B and B2C would have some differences in doing transactions. While B2B can make purchase transactions in large-scale units, B2C may only make purchase transactions in units. Price segmentation would increase overall revenue and profits. It is particularly beneficial to industries with high fixed cost structures.

The Steps

  • Go to your sales module settings. Find the Pricelist checkbox or Multiple Sales Prices per Product. In this tutorial, we will use the multiple prices per product.
  • Refresh the page. You can now access the pricelist page and start creating, updating, or using the existing pricelist.
  • You can set the pricelist to your single customer or business customer in contacts or while making the sales quotations.

That’s all about the pricelist feature in Odoo sales module. Cheers!🍻

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