Basic Simulation of Purchase, Sales, and Accounting Module in Odoo 12

Hey guys! In the previous article, I’ve written about installing an extra module in Odoo 12 (Accounting Module) using Docker on macOS. So before you start using the Accounting Module, you need to follow the steps from I’ve also embedded the tutorial in it.

The Basic Purchase Module Simulation

In this simulation, I’m going to be a purchasing employee in PT. Jura Tempest. So, I found that some products in the warehouse are running low, even though there are clients who want to buy specific goods to my company. Therefore, I decided to restock the ‘running low goods’ by contacting the Azure Interior vendor and sending an RFQ letter.

To see how it goes, you can watch the simulation video here.

Basic Purchase Module Simulation

The Basic Sales Module Simulation

In this simulation, I’m going to be a sales employee in the same company. After making the restock request to the vendor, the goods are now fully stocked and ready to meet the client’s demands. So there will be a client named PT. Komputan Integrasi Teknologi Akal (PT. KITA). PT. KITA is our loyal customer who will buy the office products from us. As a sales employee, I will send an offer to PT. KITA.

As same as the purchase simulation, you can watch the full simulation here.

Basic Sales Module Simulation

The Basic Accounting Module Simulation

After we finish making the purchase and selling requests, we can now pay the Bills that appeared in the accounting module. As I said before, if you don’t have the accounting module, you can install it by following the steps from my previous article here.

After that, you can follow the steps in this video.

Basic Accounting Module Simulation

Finally, you’ve finished the 3 basic modules simulation in Odoo 12.

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